Support services for your business

Helping maximise the value of your subscription

FT Corporate customers are supported by an account manager and a dedicated team of product specialists to implement your service, answer questions, provide technical help and deliver training.  Our goal is to save you time and ensure you get the most from your licence.

We also offer free training sessions for our corporate clients. Our specialists provide expert advice on the FT features and technologies that are most relevant to your organisation, ensure you have access to the information that you need, using the technology that suits you best.

Setting up your subscription

Quick and easy access

FT corporate subscribers are supported by a dedicated team of specialists, who are on hand to assist with access or log-in problems, discuss tracking options, guide you through creating searches and setting up new users on, and much more.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Activate your subscription. To begin using, you will need to create an account using the link to your sign-up page, which will be sent to you by our support team. This process associates your account to your corporate subscription.
  2. across your organisation. With IP authentication, Access Manager activates an automatic message when a user visits informing them that a corporate subscription is available and instructions to register an account.
  3. Access on third party channels. Organisations with subscriptions for 10+ users can access FT journalism via 3rd party news aggregation platforms, such as Factiva, LexisNexis, FactSet and Bloomberg, and media monitoring services including Precise Media & Durrants.
  4. FT on mobile and tablets. Get quick and easy access to FT news on the move. As part of your corporate subscription, users can access the FT across an array of mobile phones and tablets (Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows).
  5. Custom email alerts. As part of your corporate service, you have the option of creating tailored email alerts to deliver the content most relevant to your organisation.

Promoting your subscription

Make the FT part of your working day

The FT provides up to the minute news and analysis on the issues that affect your business, helping your organisation save time, increase productivity and accelerate business growth.  We work with our corporate clients to promote this valuable resource across your organisation, encourage usage and maximise value from your subscription.

“The Financial Times is an invaluable partner … It aligns unrivalled insights into all business and market sectors with our expertise. All of which help us and our clients make better business decisions.”

Knowledge & Information Manager, Hay Group

  • Integrate the FT into your workflow. Keep your company updated by promoting your FT subscription on your corporate intranet.  In addition, RSS feeds are an effective way of delivering information to your users. Our social media pages are also a useful way to stay updated on the latest developments. Find@FT on Twitter, or follow us on LinkedIn.
  • Spread the word.  Use your in-house communication tools such as blogs and newsletters to encourage your colleagues to make the most of your organisation’s FT subscription.
  • Promote with marketing materials.  An introductory guide  highlights the content and tools available through your corporate subscription. Promotional posters and stationery are also available for distribution across your organisation.
  • Offer training and demos to users. Get ahead with your FT subscription by helping your colleagues save time searching for relevant content on There are a wide range of tools on that will help your colleagues find the information they need quickly. Our Product Consultants offer complimentary demonstrations of the tools available on

Managing your subscription

User friendly tools to maximise value

An FT corporate licence offers an administration function so you can manage your subscription online at any time. We provide a range of online tools and support services to help you do this efficiently:

  • Reset passwords and add/remove users. You can use the same administration tool to add readers or restrict access when an employee joins or leaves the organisation, send password reset emails and export your reader list. Our Administration Tool gives you more details on setting this up.
  • Usage reporting. Periodic usage reports are available that give details on the number of people who use the service, the amount of content consumed and the platform used. In addition,an automated research survey can be sent out to gather feedback about the service and users requirements.
  • How to get help. Our support team provides expert advice and technical assistance for corporate customers on FT features and technologies. They are on hand to answer your questions, assist with access or log-in problems, set up new users on, and much more.


Support & training

Getting the FT to work for you

Our dedicated team of Product Consultants can help you launch the FT within your organisation and offer continued support and training to ensure maximum user experience.

With their expert product and content knowledge, they can implement access, advise on editorial relevance, help you and your readers understand the enhanced content tools and customise reader accounts accordingly.

Available globally, we offer in-house and virtual training for end users and administrators that can be customised at ease for your specific business needs.

Click here to contact our Product Consultants directly for further details.

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