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The Evolving Value of Information Management
And Five Essential Attributes of the Modern Information Professional

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Identifies the opportunities that exist for information professionals to enhance the value they deliver to the business, and lays out an actionable framework for success for the information function in any organisation.

  • Power - How to enhance the influence and value of information professionals
  • Performance - What are the disparities in the perceived value of information services and how to manage performance gaps
  • Prioritisation - How to align the services provided by information professionals with the critical business needs
Report commissioned in association with SLA

Attribute Spotlight: Providing decision-ready information

Only 8% of executives rate the performance of information professionals at providing decision-ready information as "outstanding", despite the fact this has been identified as one of the top three priority service aspects which executives expect.

The FT works with information professionals across the globe to maximise value delivered to senior executives, by providing accurate, authoritative information that immediately drives actions.

With over 600 journalists employed worldwide to filter out noise and add insight, the FT gives senior decision-makers a concise report on what matters.

Find out how an FT corporate subscription can help you embed trusted decision-ready intelligence with your organisation's workflow, which senior executives can rely on to make sound decisions quickly.

Knowledge driving business growth

Disseminate decision-ready information across your organisation with a corporate subscription to the FT

  • World-class intelligence. Deliver concise, accurate and reliable information that senior executives can act on immediately.
  • Multiple channels. Undertake research easily across over 40 third party platforms.
  • FT mobile. Improve accessibility using our award winning apps, without compromising security.
  • Search tools. Find the information you need quickly, sorted by date, relevance and topic.
  • FT Clippings. Add value by sharing relevant content that your colleagues can act on immediately.
  • Email alerts. Use our customised email alerts to get relevant information when you need it.
  • Access Manager. Communicate the availability of FT content across your organisation, track usage and maximise value.
"Through an FT Corporate Licence we've consolidated purchasing to a single contract for easier management, reduced costs and improved service levels. All our staff can now access the FT's journalism in a format that suits them."

Director, Brewin Dolphin

55% of knowledge providers say they add "a lot of value" yet only 34% of executives are willing to say the same.

FT and SLA Information Management Report

"I encourage you to read this report with a focus on how each of the five attributes of the modern, successful information professional can inspire you to reach new levels of importance in your field."

Kate Arnold, President-Elect, SLA

Only 8% of executives rate the performance of information professionals at providing decision-ready information as outstanding.

FT and SLA Information Management Report

"Providing our users with access to the FT is a key step to improving the efficiency of our decision making."

Project Manager, BNP Paribas

"We pride ourselves in knowing our clients. What are their information needs, what are their favourite resources, what information do they need to pass to their clients, how do they like their information delivered."

Knowledge provider

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