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Choose how to access FT journalism

With an FT Corporate licence, customers pay once for the right to access Financial Times content across multiple platforms.

Millions of people now read FT journalism via, mobile phones, tablets, media monitoring agencies and news aggregators.

We work with the industry’s leading organisations to integrate FT content into the workflow solutions that best meet your requirements. Our aim is to help clients be more productive by delivering relevant, high value intelligence when they need it.

The FT’s product consulting team will help you deploy the FT within your organisation. They bring expertise and best practice advice to ensure you achieve results quickly.

FT content read by more than two million people daily is one of the world’s leading business information websites, providing an essential source of news, analysis, data and tools for the global business community.

Attracting over seven million unique users, is managed directly by the FT’s editorial team, providing their perspective on the most important stories in business, finance and politics from around the world.

We’re continually adding more features, such as video, interactive blogs and charting tools, so you get to the information you want, faster. Specific tools are available to help our corporate customers deploy and manage their subscriptions, including:

  • IP authentication for an easy, personalised registration process on;
  • Email alerts customised to suit your business;
  • Integration of FT news into intranets or portals using RSS feeds; and
  • Administration tools for managing users within your subscription.

Customers are also supported by a dedicated team to implement your service, answer questions, provide technical help and deliver training.

FT mobile

Stay on top of global changes as they happen

Financial Times apps for smartphones and tablets make it more convenient to access FT intelligence and tools, so readers can make informed decisions fast – anywhere, anytime.

Our apps and mobile sites give you constant access to the FT’s award-winning global news, optimised for a range of devices and screen sizes. They are fully integrated with your FT digital subscription so you can use the same login for both desktop and mobile.

FT web apps for Apple, Windows and Android offer offline reading capabilities, so you can read the latest edition even when you don’t have a signal, and automatic updates without having to download a new version.

Third party channels

40+ news aggregation and media monitoring services

Our multi-platform licence allows customers to access  FT journalism via third party platforms, so users can receive alerts and undertake research easily across multiple sources of information.

The FT has agreements with many news aggregators, media monitoring agencies and technology providers allowing them to integrate FT content into their services.

Find out how you can offer your customers world-class content from the FT

The price of an FT subscription is based on the number of readers licensed, rather than the technology platforms used. Even if you use multiple channels, you only pay once to access FT content. To view article text on a partner platform, you will need to be a corporate licence holder. Otherwise, users will be directed to read the article on


The essential global business newspaper

With a Corporate licence, you can purchase both digital access and printed copies of the newspaper as part of one simple licence – saving your business time and money. We offer daily delivery of the FT newspaper to your offices for use by your staff, in reception areas, or for your customers.

With its clear structure and easy navigation, the printed format delivers a rewarding and tactile reading experience and remains an indispensable resource for senior executives throughout the world.

It is available in five editions – Asia, Europe, Middle East, UK and US.

Support services

Maximising the value of your FT investment

Our product consulting team provides expert advice on the FT content and technologies that are most relevant to your organisation to ensure you get the most from your FT licence.

With hands-on experience of working with customers around the world, our consultants start by establishing the success criteria and engagement plan for your organisation.

They will help you successfully deploy the FT within your organisation and deliver training. Our complimentary training service, including on-site and virtual sessions, is shown to improve user adoption and ROI.

Corporate customers are also supported by a technical team to implement your service, answer questions and provide technical help.


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