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The Financial Times employs over 600 journalists to do a daily global information search, filter out  noise and add insight. We help senior decision-makers make the right decisions by giving them a concise report on what matters.

Our readers trust the FT. We place a very high premium on the accuracy and authority of what we write. The strength of the 125-year-old FT brand means our journalists gain direct access to key influencers around the world. As every news report is directly sourced, we deliver a truly accurate and reliable assessment of change.

Our coverage of international news is objectively reported from an independent, global perspective. We put the news into context by combining it with expert analysis. This helps our readers to fully appreciate its implications and get a fuller perspective of the trends and issues likely to impact their organisations.



Coverage of the political, economic and social forces shaping world business

With a network of more than 600 correspondents and analysts reporting from over 50 countries, our in-depth coverage of international news helps senior decision makers anticipate market shifts, avoid risks, spot opportunities and make the right decisions.

With over 150 articles published on each day, we provide a truly global perspective – reporting on the major international stories from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, the UK and US & Canada. We cover each region’s economy, politics, international relations and corporate news, to help you understand how events in other parts of the world are likely to impact your business.

We also bring you the latest economic news and indicators from around the world, and expert commentary on the trends and issues affecting macroeconomics and economic policy making.


Stay up-to-speed on your industry sector, customers and competition

Whatever your sector, you can use the FT to identify new opportunities, research markets and operate more effectively in international territories.

We deliver the most important corporate stories, industry news and emerging business themes from around the world.  In addition, we publish over 20 special reports each month, providing readers with practical business information on doing business in different countries and industries.

Find out how an FT Corporate licence can help sharpen your firm's commercial knowledge and strengthen client relationships

Our coverage of company news has information about the performance of individual companies, their management teams, shareholders and financial plans. Also, as we regularly feature exclusive interviews with CEOs and business leaders, we provide readers with the opportunity to get the inside track on the most important corporate stories, new developments and emerging themes from around the world.

An FT Corporate licence is the most cost effective and efficient way to integrate this data into your organisation’s workflow.


Breaking stories, insight and data from the global financial markets

In a world where market professionals are inundated with information, the FT provides a daily news and commentary service on the financial markets to shape your investment decisions.

Our global news coverage of the financial markets spans equities, currencies, capital markets and commodities. Market insight and commentary is delivered throughout the day.

Specialist editorial teams write on core subjects impacting the investment community, including market structures and exchanges, central bank data and economics, and the global fund management industry.

We also combine news and comment from more than 40 emerging economies to help you track the issues that are moving markets and understand the complexities involved with investing in these countries.


Meaningful insight and analysis from award-winning columnists

Our team of acclaimed columnists, including Martin Wolf, Gideon Rachman, Gillian Tett and John Gapper, provide thought-provoking and sophisticated analysis of current events to help you put the news into context.

“The FT’s commentators bring together developments from different markets and financial disciplines to highlight emerging trends or issues – before they become mainstream.”

BNP Paribas

Our reputation opens doors to the world’s most influential people, so you get the inside track on what’s happening and how it affects you. By bringing together developments from different markets and disciplines, our columnists deliver the expert insight and balanced perspectives needed to give you and your business an advantage.

Every day the FT features a well-researched and detailed analysis of an important topic from the world of finance, politics and business.


Management advice, tips and case studies

The FT regularly features management ideas and practice; the personalities behind the world’s biggest businesses and the trends that are changing the way we work.

Columnists such as Andrew Hill and Michael Skapinker take topical issues in the news and provide a broad perspective on how businesses should respond.

The Connected Business column investigates the issues facing companies seeking to use IT to improve their productivity and how they can manage and use data more effectively.

The FT also covers the news, trends and ideas that matter to entrepreneurs.

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