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Flexible licensing to suit your business

An FT Corporate licence provides your organisation with volume discounts for multiple users. You only need to pay once for the right to access our journalism, which members of your team can then access via desktop, mobile and third party platforms. We offer flexible licensing options which allow you to access FT intelligence and tools cost effectively and in a way that suits your business.

Our subscription model is based on the number of people or ‘core readers’ that require frequent use of FT, whether on or via third party platforms. The price of a licence is based on the number of core readers.

Depending on the number and percentage of core readers in an organisation, we provide access for a wider group requiring occasional use of FT content. Newspapers can also be purchased as part of the same licence.

Features & pricing

Get your team the FT for less

News, comment & analysis World class news and expert analysis customised to your business   
The LEX column Daily business and finance commentary service, to help you make better investment decisions   
Daily email alerts Choose from over 40 email alerts to get relevant information when you need it   
FT Mobile Unlimited mobile & tablet access, with offline reading and automatic updates    
Press cuttings View articles on your company, clients or competitors    
ePaper An exact replica of the FT newspaper, complete with turning pages   
Discounts for multiple users Cost effective savings for your organisation    
News aggregation platforms With over 40 channel partners, you can receive alerts and undertake research easily across multiple sources of information   
Customised RSS feeds Choose from over 100 RSS feeds to deliver only the information you need  
Corporate support team Dedicated team of product consultants to help you maximise value from your FT investment   
* Pricing for print dependent on local distribution costs

2015 Price for Digital Access (per user/year) £308 (ex VAT) $467 (ex taxes)  ¥39,480 (ex taxes)  €364 (ex taxes)
2015 Price for Printed newspaper 6 days a week (per user/year) £572* (ex VAT) $329* (ex taxes)  ¥108,820* (incl of taxes)   €717* (ex taxes)

Payment options

Flexible options to suit your business subscriptions for two to nine users can be purchased online when payment is made by credit card. This allows multiple accounts to be registered with a single credit card for simplified billing and account management.

For subscriptions with ten or more users, payment can be made via bank transfer and all fees handled by invoice.

Corporate gift subscriptions

An subscription makes an excellent gift to impress a client or motivate a business prospect.

Trusted by senior business decision-makers worldwide, the FT can be enjoyed by your valued customers every day, wherever they are in the world.

Through an gift subscription, your business also benefits from ongoing recognition for your brand and it’s all backed by an enhanced support service.


Find answers to common questions about the Financial Times and its licensing policy

What is an FT Corporate licence?

Our content licence gives an organisation, or a group of readers in an organisation, the right to access Financial Times articles on and via third party services. The terms of the licence agreement describe the permitted use of FT content.

How does your corporate licensing work?

We work with organisations to identify the number of people or ‘core readers’ that require frequent use of FT content. The price of a licence is based on the number of core readers, starting at a minimum of ten. Depending on the percentage of core readers in an organisation, we also provide access for a wider group requiring occasional use of FT content. With a Corporate licence, you pay once for the right to access our journalism and then access it via multiple platforms, such as your desktop, mobile devices and through third party platforms.

Who can purchase a licence?

Any organisation can purchase a licence for ten or more people by contacting us or by calling +44 (0)20 7873 4001 or +1 877 843 3399 (US toll free). An subscription can be purchased online for up to nine users at

What is the difference between Team, Group and Enterprise licences?

We offer three types of licences to cater for different customer requirements:

  • Team Licence: provides access to FT content for a defined number of readers. This option is typically used by small businesses or separate departments within an organisation
  • Group Licence: enables a defined number of readers to access FT content but helps address situations where access via third party platforms cannot be limited to this workgroup
  • Enterprise Licence: allows all employees in an organisation to access FT content

To discuss any of these licences in more detail, please contact us directly.

How will readers access
  1. PIN Code. Readers are given a PIN or activation code which is used to create an subscription.
  2. Access Manager. A customised signup page is created for each corporate client using our Access Manager tool. Readers visiting from specified IP addresses are presented with this page from which they can create an subscription.
How does it work with news aggregators and other third party services?

The Financial Times has agreements with over 50 channel partners to integrate FT content into their workflow solutions. Depending on the type of agreement, customers will either view the full text article on the partner platform, or on Only FT Corporate licence holders can view the full text on a third party platform. A full list of channel partners is available online.

What does a content licence allow readers in my organisation to do?

Readers may

  • view our content for personal use on any device that is compatible with (this might be your PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet device) and store our content on that device for personal use, and print single copies of articles on paper for personal use
  • share links to articles by using the tools we make available at the foot of each article
  • forward by email or publish online original FT headlines, links to the articles and the first 140 characters of the article
What is not permitted by the licence?

You may not copy FT articles in order to republish or redistribute those articles, for example by pasting them into emails or republishing them in any media, including websites, newsletters or intranets. This applies irrespective of where you source those FT articles, including and any third party source of FT content such as news aggregators. In addition, sharing of passwords is not permitted, as this is equivalent to making a copy.

What data does the FT collect relating to our employees and what does it do with it?

Readers are required to register on to use areas of the site offering personalised services, such as email alerts. Our privacy policy outlines in detail how the data is processed. We collect aggregated usage information to monitor compliance with our terms and conditions and to measure demand.

I have some questions about your licensing policy, who should I contact?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

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