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Examines the steps that asset managers and financial advisers are taking to restore the trust of high net worth investors (HNWIs). With insights from around the world, this report presents a unique perspective of how these constituents view each other, reveals what HNWIs expect from their advisers and provides practical examples of what the industry is doing in response.

  • Misgivings - Why clients are reviewing their investor relationships
  • Motivation - What really drives high-net-worth individuals and discover the tools
    to apply that knowledge
  • Mentoring - How to adopt a collaborative style to foster deeper long-term relationships with clients

Spotlight: Tailor communication

73% of high-net-worth investors who rate their advisers as outstanding did so simply because they had kept in regular contact.

As investors continue to re-evaluate their adviser relationships, the Financial Times provides a catalyst to conversation to build trust and credibility with investors.

Reaching a global elite audience of over 2 million readers daily, the Financial Times can help you rise above the noise of financial markets and focus on the issues that matter most to your clients, as read by them.

Contact us to find out how an FT Corporate subscription arms your team with the content and tools to engage clients in conversation; build trust and foster deeper long-term relationships.

Catalyst to conversation with the global business elite

Use an FT corporate subscription to stay on the same page as your clients and deliver relevant and tailored communication, frequently.

  • World-class intelligence. Get a truly international perspective across a diverse range of disciplines to ensure you are prepared for client meetings and armed with relevant conversations starters.
  • Expert analysis. Spot emerging trends and risks from around the world using insightful analysis from our award-winning columnists.
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  • Suite of tools. Easy access to a range of tools such as email alerts, topic pages, clipplings and gift articles, which help you to save time when communicating with clients
66% of high-net-worth investors say that financial advisers need to rebuild clients’ trust and confidence.
"Trust was lost in the wealth management industry in 2008 and since then everybody has been trying very hard to get it back.”

Rob Withecombe, wealth advisory professional

86% of HNWIs believe that regular client feedback would improve relationships between customers and advisers.
"We need to be tailoring information and making it personal so that, as far as the client is concerned, they’re getting a one-to-one service."

Ade Roberts, Senior Equity Analyst, Buy Side Consultancy

85% of HNWIs say the quality of communication is important when selecting a financial adviser.
"A great financial adviser has the trust of the client but is also aware of the client’s financial condition and everything that can aid that client financially."

Elaine Reiss, high net worth investor

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